Our office has always been among the safest place to be in terms of cleanliness and sanitization. We are continuing to be diligent with strict screening measures and stringent infection control prevention protocols while providing our patients and staff members ease of mind during dental visits, orthodontic treatment, and procedures.

Our sanitization, infection control protocols and social distancing measures include the following:

        • Requesting that patients fill out any necessary paperwork online prior to their appointment.
        • Asking families to wait in their vehicles until they are ready to be seen to avoid the waiting area.
        • Requiring all people entering the office to wear a mask upon arrival and ensuring that they are 6 ft. apart while not receiving treatment.
        • Taking and recording all staff members temperatures prior to each shift, to ensure only healthy personnel are treating your family.
        • Taking temperatures and guiding patients to handwashing stations upon entering offices. If patients are able to, we will ask that they rinse with a peroxide solution prior to treatment.
        • Ensuring our doctors and staff are wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times.
        • Thoroughly and regularly cleaning all surfaces in offices that can be exposed to infection between patients.
        • Requiring symptomatic patients to reschedule appointments to later dates.

In addition, our office has installed IQAir, a hospital-grade air purifier/filter that guarantees a minimum removal efficiency of 99.5%, capturing microorganisms the size of COVID-19.

Our infection control and social distancing practices result in our Pediatric Dental & Orthodontic dental practice being one of the safest spaces for your family.